TYM understands the importance of team work in an organization. Because of this, we offer failsafe, innovative, and collaborative profit improvement strategies and targeted goals.

First meeting

First meeting – This is free of charge. A TYM Consulting team of two comes to your business to visit the premises and learn about your operations, the complications you face, and your short- and long-term goals as an organization. We meet with your senior executives about the company and the complexities behind the initial findings as a way of learning more about the enterprise. We then discuss how you envision the future of the company, both near- and long-term, and compare it with similar businesses that have demonstrated best practices in your industry. Finally, we look for dominant areas in your business where you can achieve quick wins, a build your business a TYM Score Card* following all our discoveries.

Second “Kick-Off” Meeting

Second “Kick-Off” meeting – This is more of a diagnostic stage where we identify all information that we currently have and what we need from both the internal and external resources of your company, without causing interference to the company’s day-to-day processes. We create a monthly milestone plan and assign responsibilities and resources, along with a detailed timeline map based on your goals while keeping in mind both the company’s current state and desired future. This will help us to quickly identify and solve any problems that hinder the success of the process.

Ongoing Meetings

Ongoing meetings – In this stage, the TYM control dashboards will be in place and progress under way. Our team works hand in hand with your company to ensure that team members are continually in compliance with planned actions and milestones, and we begin to evaluate and compare the short and long-term wins that begin to appear. By working with your company’s staff, we ensure that the processes and tools that were put in place are firmly rooted not only in the organization’s culture but also in the staff’s day to day operations.

Ongoing Management Meetings

Ongoing management meetings – As the ongoing meetings with employees take place, the TYM team will also be conducting meetings between us and your business' management, where they will continually examine and discuss status reports on the progress of the consultancy plan and identify any immediate actions to be taken based on ongoing results and changes.

We at TYM Consulting aim to add value to you, our client, by immediately beginning to make a long- lasting impact. Our proven process is meant to help our team guide you to success in an efficient, measurable way.

Let TYM shed light on the unexplored and
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