To be the best of class – whether in customer service, management, or any other discipline – you need solid advice from seasoned experts. TYM Consultants have a combined 20 years of experience in forensic accounting, finance, and operations with public companies and small to mid-size businesses across various industries. We understand that no one can go at it alone and we are here to help you rise above your competition by being trusted advisors and engaged partners.

It starts with the numbers. Your financial health is the core of our focus, and being well-versed in the story numbers tell, they are what we use to diagnose your needs. You can read about our proven process here. Once those needs are identified, we provide you with a custom-built suite of services. As expert CFOs, we provide a full range of finance and accounting services, but we also have experts on hand to support and drive the change that you need – specialists who facilitate change management and process improvements, and training that sustains best practices and corporate expansion. By providing simple, transparent, and strategic solutions, TYM Consulting has managed to help companies both big and small achieve unprecedented growth.

Finance & Accounting

At its core, every business has a common goal of reducing costs while increasing profits. At TYM Consulting, we make that happen by providing you with an expert CFO that fits into your team seamlessly yet has the fresh perspective needed to initiate change, if needed. Standard duties include monthly account oversight; budget optimization; cash flow projections and tools; sales projections; and income tax audit, amongst others. Other financial services such as accounting; bookkeeping; financial management; acquisition target consulting; tax breaks and government grants; and M&A support are available as well.

As part of our financial services, we also analyze each of your departments and how positively or negatively they influence the bottom line of your company. These include accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management departments, as well as key influencers like purchasing, sales, and marketing. We identify department needs and propose improvements, to be implemented with the support of TYM’s team of experts across its varied ancillary services.

Management Consulting

Give yourself and your C-suite the tools that will strengthen work performance to be more productive, growth-focused, and customer-centric. TYM identifies your biggest opportunities through DMAIC and Lean tools, PDP analysis, and SWOT and P&L reports. Then we set targets and implement core processes and strategies for growth, marketing, and customer service. The whole process is supported by dashboards and purpose-built controls that you can use to bolster your management oversight.

At the end of management training, you and your team will have done a completed Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis, identified Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Success Indicators (KSI), and set achievable stretch targets. The accountability system you will learn will not only strengthen your management skills but put you on track to stay well ahead of your competitors.

Human Resources

Whether you need an entire HR team or just occasional support, we can help. TYM’s Human Resources professionals create, maintain and implement practical HR plans and policies that improve on existing ones or integrate into a larger change management initiative.

Our suite of HR services includes, but is not limited to: establishing smooth hiring and firing processes; drafting employment agreements; implementing compensation programs that tap into employee performance drivers; creating employee development initiatives that maximize performance and engagement; putting into effect meaningful performance review methodologies; producing documentation to establish the appropriate attitude and behaviour in the workplace; and maintaining communication that promotes a constructive work environment.


Business growth is dependant on increased revenue, and that means the right marketing mix to drive sales. Every company needs a marketing plan that has the capacity to showcase its business while being sure to stand apart (and above!) the competition. TYM Consulting identifies opportunities for promoting both your brand and your products or services through a variety of marketing channels:

Events and public relations
Google AdWords and search engine optimization
media marketing
Print and digital marketing strategies
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