How can you achieve your goals efficiently? Major league management firms understand the link between the journey and the destination of a company. Every organization requires unique management services that power better innovative and collaborative processes to consistently achieve objectives.

TYM Consulting specializes in providing hands-on management consulting solutions that produce timely and actionable strategies – all uniquely tailored to each client’s culture, mindset, and goals.

By providing management teams with tools to help them perform more efficiently with a focus on growth, we help to improve the business as a whole – from sales teams to better customer service experts – with a core focus on governing and leading by example.

Analysis Tools

We determine the best analytics lenses and training for your management team to grow through:

  • DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma management – DMAIC is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. It involves recognizing the problem, then identifying activities and opportunities for improvement, project goals, and client requirements. The performance process is measured through analysis, and improved by addressing and eliminating the problem. Lean Six Sigma management tools focus on trimming the “operational fat” from your organization, streamlining processes and finding efficiencies.
  • PDP review – Personal Development Planning is a mechanism where an employee can plan and measure their professional development through reflection, goals, and strategic planning – usually as coached by a superior or member of the management team. TYM can help both implement and improve this process for your management teams, who in turn can bring it to their staff.
  • SWOT – The Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats analysis technique identifies and makes light of your internal advantages and disadvantages as well as external opportunities and risks you are likely to face. This gives you a “big picture” look that allows leadership to strategically plan for growth while avoiding pitfalls.
  • P&L – TYM will evaluate your Profit and Loss reports to identify areas for improvement by looking across all departmentally to find the details that aren’t easily discernible to all.


Once we have determined your company’s leadership structure, we will create training processes and strategies that are aimed at growth, communication, and customer service while keeping your core business operations in mind.

Because we focus on the specific needs of both your industry and your organization, any time spent in training is streamlined and always a value-add for your employees and managers alike. By supplying your team with the tools and strategies that are specially tailored for their ease of use and success, the time spent honing those skills goes right back into the profits and success of the business.

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