With search engine algorithms, social media applications, the way we interact with print and TV, and the everchanging digital landscape, it can be overwhelming for marketing departments to stay current. How do you decide which trends to follow and which marketing mix to use? How can you measure your ROI?

Whether you are looking to build a brand-new marketing strategy to revamp your brand or to update an existing one to be more current, we can help you achieve your goals and targets through our practiced, seamless marketing consultancy services.

From start to finish, creative conception to execution and distribution plans, TYM consultants understand that your business is unique and needs a marketing plan to match. We strive to help you enhance your business’ exposure by acting upon the available opportunities that fit your company needs.


Our marketing plans are unique to each business and every situation, but typically include: a strategic plan, budget allocations, a balanced TYM scorecard for all related activities, and a commercialization strategy model. This is done through interviewing your employees with the use of questionnaires alongside hourly sessions that have a set agenda or topic for a deeper dive.

Our strategy development process is structured to take the least away from your resources and typically only requires the involvement of three employees. Lastly, once your strategy and supporting documentation is complete, training sessions to facilitate implementation are completed either onsite at your business’ premises, or through our online system for more flexibility and control of your resources.

Your marketing strategy mix is fully customized to
include everything you need:

Product launches
Public relations
Digital marketing
Social media management

and much more…

The Pathway to Online Success

The digital landscape is always shifting – it seems like every time you turn around there is a new app that’s popular, or service you need to be listed on. How, then, does a business stay relevant in this day and age of short attentions spans and smartphones?

That’s where we can help. While we do a full scope of marketing consulting, including traditional media, we also have a team of expert digital marketers whose only job is to stay on top of shifting trends, technologies, and strategies for online success.

It’s not enough to have online (or digital) marketing lumped in with your normal marketing activities and strategies anymore – the landscape is so diverse and the demographics so different between the online and offline world that digital now requires a strategy in and of itself.

TYM Consulting can help your business reach new heights of growth with proper consulting and training in the digital sphere. Our areas of expertise include:

Digital marketing strategies
Sales funnel development and optimization
Email marketing
Search engine optimizations
Google AdWords and display network
Social media marketing
Video advertising
Key word analysis
Competitive landscape analysis
Landing pages
Online ad budgeting
Analytics and reporting

Show Your Company The TYM Difference

Building a marketing strategy that is efficient and effective has the potential to be a tedious and tricky process. With TYM Consulting’s help, you can build a workable strategy that will set your organization up for success, eliminating outdated content and methods while prioritizing the right objectives.

TYM consultants are happy to work with businesses at any level to help them achieve their marketing goals. We can take the lead on your marketing initiatives, or, we can work with your employees to train them and propel their own initiatives. We have experience working with:

Event Planners
PR Reps
Google Ambassadors
Social Media Managers
Marketing Managers
Speak to us about boosting your
marketing efforts to the next level!