Finance & Accounting

Achieve financial clarity while increasing your business’ profit and keeping stakeholders happy. TYM Consulting provides you with the outsourced CFO and financial and accounting support you need to reach your financial goals effortlessly.


TYM Consulting’s core focus is bespoke CFO services. But even a stellar CFO may not always be enough to implement the breadth and depth of changes needed. That is why we have ancillary services that guide your existing team in the right direction, or fill in gaps where needed.

Our Clients


Is the company healthy? Where can we improve? What will it take to grow? For managers and business owners alike, the questions are never ending, and even knowing where to start can be a daunting task.

At TYM consulting, we view your financial health as an indication of your overall company well-being. With over 20 years of experience in forensic accounting, finance, and operations, the TYM team is well versed in interpreting the numbers and effectively understanding what you are doing well, and what needs improvement. Once we know where you stand, we support you in filling in the gaps, and ultimately position you for success.

We specialize in services that cater to your ongoing financial and accounting needs, effectively acting as outsourced CFOs, but we also provide ancillary services that support those needs and change management; training to implement best of breed practices and process improvements; management consulting to guide your leaders in the right direction; and marketing help to capitalize on it all and generate sales.

We invite you to contact us and let us show you that we are the premier specialty consultancy for financial health and business growth.