Do you find yourself digging through files to find out where last year’s budget allocation went? Would you be able to speak to your business’ profit and loss statements for this past quarter? If you had to stop and think about those questions, we can help.

TYM Consulting has a straightforward goal: to achieve financial clarity while increasing your business’ profit and keeping stakeholders happy. We are your outsourced CFO, making the company look good and keeping shareholders happy by always being prepared for any and all queries about the company’s finances.

Our team of experts genuinely understands finance, organization design, M&A, investor relations management and change management, and the need to have all of them working in a transparent, organized manner to ensure the success of your company. Through our years of experience, we can help your business achieve its financial goals seamlessly.


TYM Consulting offers a complete outsourcing service for your accounting department, taking the pressure and accountability off your business. With monthly reporting and quarterly review meetings, you can be secure in the knowledge that your financials are in the right hands.


For those looking to outsource their day-to- day bookkeeping like tracking expenses, charting profit and loss, and balancing the chequebook, we offer an administrative service that can keep your records straight and up to date. This service is often ideal for smaller organizations that need to keep ready books, but don’t have the need for a full time financial clerk.

Financial Management

TYM doesn’t just offer services to manage your current financial affairs – we can also help you plan for the future. Our financial management consultants can bring you the best in:

Cash flow projections
and tools
Budget projections
and allocations
Reducing COG through DMAIC analysis
Red waste reduction
Human resource budgeting
Identifying financial factors that affect your bottom line

Taxes, Tax Breaks & Government Grants

TYM’s team of experts are available to help you not only with tax planning, but also the investigation of tax breaks and government grants than can help your business stay cash-positive. We can even help you through the application process once we’ve identified your opportunities.

Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re looking to sell your business, or potentially acquire a new company, TYM is there to help. We can help you prepare for sale, both with contracts and financials, or give you detailed reporting on how the purchase of an acquisition target will affect your bottom line.

Let us bring clarity and transparency to
your business: we’re ready to jump in!